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Gina- Instructor 

Gina Meyers grew up in Michigan and started dancing at the age of 3, when her mother (Miss Pat) literally drug her into her first ballet class kicking and screaming! Soon she began to love going to dance and took ballet, tap and tumble until the age of 12. Next came cheerleading, which she did all through middle school and high school and was the captain her Senior year. After high school she started coaching cheer at the high school level and attended St. Petersburg College for 2 years. She then married her high school sweetheart John and had two boys, and in an effort to stay home with them, she opened an in-home daycare center. Baby number three arrived a few years later (Miss Emma) and we moved from Michigan to Florida and enrolled the boys at Guardian Angels Catholic School. Gina volunteered much of her time there over the course of the next 10 years. She held multiple positions on the PFA school board and was also the Athletic Representative on the Student Advisory Committee. She was also a teacher’s assistant in Music and an 8th grade Room Mom. She also ran the cheerleading program and was head coach for 6 years. And she was a cheerleading coach at the Eastlake Eagles youth program too, coaching a squad of 22 five year olds! 


As an adult, Gina returned to taking dance classes again, this time tap and jazz, and performed in several recitals. She also worked for 3 years as the dance team manager at Fusion Dance Co. (formerly Dance Evolutions). During those years at Dance Evolutions she was also a teachers assistant to Miss Pat in her Ballet/tap combo classes and Miss Lisa in her Tumble classes. Gina then taught her own Tumble classes for two years. Once Emma was in high school, Gina’s focus shifted to managing Emma’s crazy dance schedule and traveling adventures which took the two of them all over the country and to Germany 4 times. Gina’s full-time job was home schooling Emma for many years, and organizing her travel and dance schedule! Currently, Miss Emma is all grown up, so Gina had the time to start subbing for Miss Pat in her tap classes two seasons ago. This past season Miss Gina also became Miss Pat and Miss Emma’s teacher assistant. Gina is happy to be at Fusion and enjoys teaching alongside her mother and her daughter very much!

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